Corsica Equipment Inc. was incorporated in November 2018 after purchasing Okanagan Viticulture Services Inc from Frank Whitehead.  As a service provider to the Agriculture industry, Okanagan Viticulture Services Inc. started importing the Infaco Electrocoup pruner into Western Canada in the year 2000.  Frank Whitehead built a solid foundation throughout the agriculture industry and sold these high quality pruners to various regions.  We would like to thank Frank for his hard work in developing many relationships that were passed on to us.

Corsica Equipment Inc. is operated by Neil and Erin Jantz and offers the same personalized service at the forefront of our new business.  We continue to import the Infaco Electrocoup pruner, as well as, Infaco Powercoup PW2 and the Infaco A3M V2 Electric Tying Device for all your agriculture needs.  Recently, we added Castrellari hand tools to our inventory portfolio and we are excited to share these products with our customers.

Neil can be found throughout the Okanagan Valley, Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island and Alberta hand delivering products and working directly with our customers.  Erin can be found in Summerland ensuring our office is running smoothly.  The backbone of our business is held together through our service department which is operated by Jonathan Fiechter in Kaledan, British Columbia.  Jonathan has over 15+ years servicing and repairing this product.

Our products can be be found in the hands of viticulturists, orchardists, berry farmers, researchers and landscapers.  Ask us about our many product lines to help with your agriculture needs.

We would like to thank our valued customers and look forward to doing business in the future!

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