1 Motor = 5 tools

This patented system is used to adjust the motor performance and thereby define the best power/speed/torque for the tool being used.

The “flat” Brushless technology motor gives an output that is higher than that of a classic DC motor. It is compact, lightweight and is compatible with each tool.

For tools with which there is a risk of cuts (hedge-trimmer, chain saw and reciprocal saw), it has added safety which stops the tool movement very quickly when the trigger is released.

Chain saw
Reciprocating saw
Hedge trimmer
Desuckering tool
Flower thinning tool


The chainsaw head can be used to cut diameters of up to 150 mm. One of the tool’s strengths is its cutting speed. Its light weight and its compact size make it easy to use. The tool is very easy to handle and guarantees fast cuts.

Suitable for tree surgeons, this chainsaw is simple to attach and remove from the harness for use directly in the tree. It can also be used to prune grapevines as well as to restructure orchards. The chain tension is set automatically and can be carried out using the chain tension blocking lever.


The saw head can be used to cut diameters of up to 100 mm.

The quality is exceptional (cuts identical to ELECTROCOUP shears). It thereby makes it possible to reduce the risk of wood disease when restructuring trees, as well as reducing the number of shoots. Its ease of use makes the user’s work more comfortable.

No rebound risks (similar to a chainsaw).

It is easy to slide the blade between two branches without risking damage to the upper branch. This saw head is ideal for precision work requiring the best cut quality.

Hedge Trimmer

The hedge-trimmer heads can be used to maintain all types of hedge.

Very easy to use, easy to handle, silent and vibration-free, the “INFACO high performance blades” guarantee true professional work.

There are several available lengths, in single blade versions (left/right handed, with deflector) or double blade versions. This tool is very pleasant to use both for man-height work and for work at several metres from the ground.

Desuckering Tool

The grapevine desuckering head is an innovating alternative to the current desuckering solutions available on the market. Like all mechanical desuckering solutions, it eliminates the use of chemicals.

The POWERCOUP PW2 desuckering tool brings flexibility, ease of use, quality and precision desuckering. Indeed, this hand-held power tool sets itself apart from the heavy hydraulic equipment that is very often expensive, complicated to use and requires experienced operators. Usable by all without any specific training, the POWERCOUP PW2 desuckering tool considerably reduces the discomfort of this task which is essential to the correct maintenance of grapevines.

A range of 10 programmable speeds makes it possible to achieve an ideal rotating speed suitable for your desuckering tasks.

Flower Thinner

The blossom thinning head is used by Arborists to mechanically thin out blossom, thereby saving an average of 60 to 70 hours work per hectare compared to a manual operation.
The purpose of this thinning operation being to optimise fruit size and ripening, it is essential for self-fertile species.

A range of 10 programmable speeds makes it possible to achieve an ideal rotating speed suitable for your thinning tasks.

Technical Specifications

Chainsaw Specifications


93cm Pole

1.83m Pole

Telescopic Pole

Max Cut150mm150mm150mm150mm
Chain Pitch1/41/41/41/4
Guide8" / 20cm8" / 20cm8" / 20cm8" / 20cm

Saw Specifications


93cm Pole

1.83m Pole

Telescopic Pole

Max Cut100mm100mm100mm100mm
Speed3,200 cycles/mn3,200 cycles/mn3,200 cycles/mn3,200 cycles/mn

Hedge Trimmer Specifications

60cm Blade

70cm Blade

Speed3,200 cycles/mn3,200 cycles/mn

Desuckering Tool Specifications

Telescopic Pole

Speed320 - 1,900rpm

Flower Thinner Specifications

Telescopic Pole

Length1.5 - 1.9m
Speed320 - 1,900rpm

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